Unique Reward Opportunities **PLAYTIME** (Limited Countries) Find an app you like and earn rewards when you spend time playing with the app. The longer time you play and the more you advance in the game, the more rewards you earn. **KARMA PLAYS** Karma Play lets you earn daily rewards for playing with the apps you’ve installed. Install app, keep the app, and play with the app each day to earn daily rewards. DOUBLE BONUS available too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOsgDduOu8I DO YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL? BECOME A VIP! If you have more than 1000 subscribers to your channel, you can become a VIP and receive more invite rewards and a special referrer code. Contact us for details ([email protected]) WHAT IS APPKARMA? ++ appKarma lets you earn free cash and gift cards for playing with apps. ++ You don’t need to sign up to try our app. Download appKarma and start earning rewards right away. HOW IS APPKARMA BETTER THAN OTHER REWARD APPS? * We have the most reward opportunities and highest paying offers. * You get 5% of your points back every time you redeem a card so you always have points in your account. * We have gift cards world wide and not just in the US. * You can create your own referrer code for your invite rewards HOW CAN I EARN REWARDS IN APPKARMA? * Basic Rewards - Install and play with apps to earn rewards * Karma Plays - Earn Karma Plays and you can get daily rewards for playing with apps you’ve downloaded. * Karma Quizzes - Earn rewards when you answer Karma Quizzes correctly. * Achievement Badges - Earn bonuses for your achievements (install 20 apps, invite a friend, etc …) * Invite Rewards - Invite your friends, and you will get 30% of what they earn from app install offers. HOW DO I GET THE GIFT CARDS? You can redeem your points for gift cards inside the app and your gift code will be loaded directly inside appKarma. WHAT GIFT CARDS CAN I REDEEM? Amazon.com, PayPal, Walmart, Target, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Starbucks, and many more. STRICTLY PROHIBITED - Violation will result in account suspension * Use of VPN and proxies * Creating fake accounts / devices with emulators

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